I have known Dr. Scott C. Schwartz since 2001 when I went in as a referral from a friend, and I can honestly say I landed a gem of a dentist. He has always been kind and considerate and puts his patients first. As a result of the extensive work I have needed done due to chronic health issues, I have always felt well taken care of and a sincerity for my needs; not only from Dr. Schwartz, but from his entire staff. They are professional, personable, and competent. Every time I go in, they provide me with a neck pillow and knee pillow knowing how difficult it is for me to sit through my treatments and, in my opinion, this is going above and beyond what most dental offices would provide.

The procedures and work I have had done by Dr. Schwartz has helped make me feel more confident in my smile. Regardless of what you go in for, whether it’s for a routine check up or more extensive dental work, Dr. Schwartz provides the same level of attention to his patients. I am very grateful to have found Dr. Schwartz, DDS- Children and Adult Dentistry, and would highly recommend their practice to anyone looking for a quality dental office. I can’t thank them enough for the kindness they have shown me over the years.

Jayne S

It was a Friday morning and Dr. Scott started the process of putting a crown on one of my rear teeth. In the process he put a temporary filling on the tooth. I had another appointment set for early the following week to complete the process.

All was well until about 6 PM that evening, when the temporary filling fell out. I did not think it would be good to have that opening in my mouth until I could get in to see the good doctor for another couple of days, so I decided to call his emergency telephone line.

By chance, the doctor himself answered the phone and told me he was just having diner with his lovely wife Sonia. He did not want me to go without a temporary filling over the weekend and told me he would call me when they were finished with diner and I could meet him at the office and he would redo the temporary filling. That in itself was really going out of his way for a patient.

When he called me back, he said that since we did not live that far apart, he would collect the things he needed at the office and come to the house to do the job.

Twenty minutes later Dr. Scott and Sonia were at my house and right there in our kitchen he put the temporary filling in and I was set until my next appointment.

How many other people can say their dentist made “house calls”?

For over 20 years my wife and I have been having our dental needs fulfilled by Dr. Scott Schwartz. Not only is he a fantastic dentist, but he and his staff are extremely accommodating in all ways. I never hesitate in highly recommending his services.

Allan W

Dr. Schwartz is an excellent Dentist and i was quite comfortable with him. The staff are friendly, knowledgeable and all have great chair-side manner. I went to them because i had been ignoring my teeth and gums for quite some time. To keep it short, my teeth/gums are now in the best shape in 10 yrs. I needed a couple root canals/crowns… some filling replacements and whitening. The work was spanned out over 6 months so as not to shock my wallet. I can’t thank them enough. I highly recommend Dr. Scott.

James C

I have been going to Dr Scott’s Children and Adult Dentistry since 1998. I’ve had a lot of work done from Veneers, fillings and regular cleanings and been nothing but happy the entire time. Dr Scott and Sonya and the all of the staff truly care. It’s like being taking care of by friends and the work I have had done has been fantastic.

Donald G

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