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Our Personal Message to you!

Welcome to Children & Adult Dentistry, the office of Dr. Scott C. Schwartz. Our top priority is helping children and adults achieve and maintain a lifetime healthy and beautiful smile!

Our professional team is “committed to excellence” providing the highest standards of Dental work and materials for your entire family in a pleasant and comfortable environment, always remembering that you, the patient, is the reason for being here.

Our entire Team is educated and trained to use state-of-the-art procedures and technology and our dental assistants are fully licensed. Our front office staff is highly skilled in Insurance matters and will endeavor to address your needs in all areas concerning your treatment.

We believe in the importance of patient education and promise to speak candidly about your treatment options and progress. Intraoral pictures of your teeth are taken and your needs are thoroughly reviewed with you.

If more time is needed then a separate appointment time is made after hours in the evening for you and family members to review your treatment plan with the doctor at no charge. Ask as many questions as you like. We want you to understand what your needs are and what we are going to do about it.

Several options will be reviewed so your financial situation will be considered as well. Not every one can afford the “Lamborghini treatment plan” but restoring your smile and chew ability can be accomplished with a treatment plan you will be comfortable with. We can stage out your treatment so you can smile and eat while going through the process of completing your treatment plan.

Many Dental colleagues, Hospital ERs and Medical offices from pediatric to Plastic Surgery to Oncology have referred difficult cases of all ages (from 6months to 103 years). Some were phobic children and adults looking for an alternative to sedation or hospitalizing for there needed dental work. Others just needed to find an office that would understand them.

If Sedation is necessary for a child or adult we can block out time in Health Park Hospitals Operating Room Dental suite and perform any needed Dental care under the sedative supervision of a hospital Anesthesiologist. Dr. Schwartz has been on staff at all of Lee Memorial Health Care Hospitals for over 20 years

From Implant supported crowns and dentures, fillings, Root Canals to all types of dental surgeries- every thing can be done in our office with out you having to go to other offices.

We Look forward to seeing you in our office.

We have been serving Lee, Charlotte and Collier County since 1992.