Our Office

About the Office

What started out as a pediatric dental office in August 1992.

We were across the street that first day. It was the day of Hurricane Andrew.

We called the radio station and told them we were open and that if there were some one in need of emergency dentistry we would help them. We worked that day till 8PM. Some of them are still clients to date.

Parents started asking if I could treat them like I treated their children. I told them we have 3 simple philosophies,

  1. Treat the children like adults and the adult like children
  2. I’m committed to excellence
  3. Work on the patient as if I’m working on my self.

We have watched a complete generation of children become adults with families of their own. Their teeth and their children’s teeth are protected by good hygiene and maintaining their sealants free for a lifetime. With sealants it’s extremely difficult to get a cavity on top of the tooth, which has the highest frequency of decay than any other spot on the tooth.

You will find that each person gets treated with a no rush atmosphere. If you need to reschedule due another appointment we understand but Dr. Schwartz and his staff will never rush to catch up.” One at a time Philosophy.” We will work until we are done.

Perfect check up certificates being given happily to nearly 25 year patients. What a thrill to watch my work still going strong.

I tell all my patients that good Dentistry will last. Yes things happen from time to time but mostly it doesn’t.

We look forward to Welcoming you.

Hours of Operation

Monday thru Friday from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm
Wednesday 8:00 am to 1:00 pm
Emergency Care 24/7 and Holidays