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Dr. Scott C. Schwartz


Dr. Scott C. Schwartz

I’ve been fortunate enough to run a thriving family dental practice in Fort Myers, FL since 1992. During that time, I’ve had the privilege of working with families that are the best clients a Dentist could ask for. My greatest reward continues to be watching my patients grow older with an attractive, healthy smile and absolutely no Dental fear.

I began my career at McGill University in Montreal, Canada earning a Bachelor in Science and subsequent Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS) and a minor in Periodontics from the University of Buffalo School of Dental Medicine. I was proud of making the Dean’s list all four years, set a school record for operative dentistry and periodontal work including surgeries. I am so honored that I was a student of that outstanding school and its programs. The training and education given has allowed me to live up to my belief of “Committed to Excellence” all these years.

In the beginning our office was small, about 1500 sq.ft. and was originally owned by a Pediatrics Dentist (kids-only). We took over in August 1992, the day of Hurricane Andrew and converted it to a full family Dental office seeing patients of all ages. Over the years we have made several house calls and even a gas station call on the way out of town. Our clients have my direct cell phone and we are available to them 24/7. Being able to help some one with answering a question can make all the difference with peace of mind and potentially avoid a problem.

In 2000 we started the process of designing a new space and in 2003 we built this wonderful and modern office building with a touch of artistry and uniqueness. The building has won 3 award for Best Unbuilt in 2003, Best built in 2005 and the Best Medical/Dental Professional building state wide 2006. Building through two hurricanes and a cement shortage we occupied in June 2005 and plan to be here until I can’t pickup a toothbrush anymore.

I have been honored with many awards from the Dental school, local, state and National organizations. The award that means so much to me is seeing generations of my patients from children to grandchildren. Patients have moved as far away as Montana, St. Louis, Michigan and New York and come back for their regular scheduled cleaning appointments. They even plan their vacation in Florida around their dental appointments.


Our patients understand that pre planning is critical in Dentistry. Being able to see the end through each step from the beginning is very important in order to restore a patient’s dentition and oral health. We also use only the finest materials and labs in the United States. We do not send out our work to China. We also stand behind our work. Crowns have an offer of 7-year warranty and free life time maintenance on sealants.

Our office offers state of the art Dentistry but still uses tried and true techniques.

“Dental medicine and treatment does not stand still, and those of us who want to offer superior service and who are committed to excellence to our patients won’t stand still either”.

Dr. Scott C. Schwartz