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Mouth Guards


Mouth guards are used for several different reasons, including to protect your teeth when you participate in contact sports, treat loud snoring and prevent damage to your teeth as a result of teeth grinding. There are different types of mouth guards, depending on their function.

  1. Athletic or Sports Guard – This type of mouth guard is worn by those who enjoy contact sports like rugby, lacrosse and football. This device protects their teeth while playing. Custom athletic guards are comfortable and lightweight, and they offer better cushioning to the wearer.
  2. Night Guard – This is worn by people who tend to grind and clench their teeth while sleeping. You can get a customized night guard from your dentist to ensure that it can really do its job of protecting your teeth, without compromising your comfort. Alternatively, you can also request an Invisalign night guard, which has a slimmer design than a standard custom night guard and these appliances are invisible so they can be worn even during the day by those who frequently clench and grind their teeth.
    A night guard can also relieve pain in the jaw and joints for those who have TMJ. Dentists likewise recommend using a night guard to protect expensive dental work such as implants, crowns and bridges which can be damaged by teeth grinding. Orthodontic patients are advised to wear night guards as well so their teeth won’t shift or drift out of position.
  3. Snore Guards – Snoring occurs when the soft tissue at the back of your throat vibrates. What a snore guard does is to reposition the lower jaw forward so that your airway will be opened wider for the passage of air, thereby preventing you from snoring.

Whether you need a mouth guard to protect your teeth when you play contact sports, prevent damage to your teeth due to frequent grinding and clenching or to stop snoring, you may call our office at (239) 939-7070 so we can create a custom mouth guard that fits you comfortably.