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i-CAT Scans

The benefits of i-CAT scanning for dental patients

i-CAT 3D digital imaging – the most advanced dental X-ray imaging available

Children and Adult Dentistry has the most advanced 3D digital X-ray machine available to dentists. The i-CAT imaging system is one of the safest scanning devices for dental practices. In less than 5 seconds the i-CAT system can create a comprehensive 3D image that will allow Dr. Schwartz or Dr. Shyamsunder to create a detailed virtual model of your teeth and bone structure for your treatment plan. The scan will create detailed images of your teeth, the roots, nerve canals, airways and sinuses. You will be impressed by this technology.

Low radiation dental x-rays revolutionizing diagnostics and treatment

Your safety and health are our top priority at Children and Adult Dentistry! The quick scanning time and advanced digital technology reduces the amount of radiation that you are exposed to. You can feel safe knowing that you will only be exposed to an extremely minimal amount of radiation. The i-CAT 3D creates images with a lower dose than even the best 2D panoramic X-ray machine.

Improved treatment for implants, oral surgery and orthodontics

The benefits of the i-CAT scan are invaluable for dental procedures such as implants, oral surgery, orthodontics and other specialities, due to the detailed 3D models and detailed diagnostic information the scans provide. The i-CAT’s award-winning technology truly offers remarkable benefits for dental patients.