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Dental Amalgam

Concerns have been raised about the use of dental amalgam due to its mercury content. But many studies have shown that amalgam is safe for filling cavities.

This material has been used for over 150 years and dentists have learned a great deal about its safety, as well as its reliability and durability. Millions of people have been able to retain their teeth and overall health by choosing to get amalgam fillings.

Remember that by opting not to have your cavities treated, you run the risk of developing serious health issues.

There have been no properly designed study that was able to prove that dental amalgam causes long term effects to one’s health. Highly credible agencies including the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, US Environmental Protection Agency and other leading public health agencies in the nation have reviewed numerous scientific studies on dental amalgam and they have determined it is safe to use, aside from being a very effective material for dental fillings.

Let me explain why this is so. Amalgam fillings only release very small amounts of mercury gas, so small that it’s measured in billionths of an ounce. In this quantity, mercury is at a very safe level.

The Code of Ethics of the ADA states that dentists who remove perfectly usable amalgam fillings from a patient who is not allergic to the material and claiming that doing so will improve or cure a condition or disease  are acting unethically, misleading patients about the benefits of the treatment.

Dental amalgam is the most extensively researched and examined restorative material in the field of dentistry. It remains an important treatment option for patients and dentists.