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Bone Grafting

Bone grafting is the most effective way to preserve your jaw bone and keep your jawline after you have lost a tooth or teeth.


When a person breaks a bone in his body, it will naturally repair by itself. But this is not the case with the jawbone. When you lose a tooth, the site of extraction partially refills with bone. However, over time, the bone material in this area will deteriorate and shrink. Studies show that there’s a 40 to 60% bone loss within 2-3 years from the time of tooth extraction/loss. And that’s not all. Neighboring teeth will also be affected, resulting in a receding jawline. When this happens, your otherwise healthy teeth can become loose or may move. Gum pockets may also develop. You’ll experience difficulty in chewing, your bite will collapse and your facial lines will change, making you look older.


Your dentist can perform a procedure called advance extraction therapy, which is a fast, painless and straightforward procedure that can be done right after tooth extraction.

Bone grafting, which we offer in our Fort Myers office, is one of the most trusted extraction therapy procedures and the patented synthetic bone material is very effective in stimulating bone regeneration.


What your dentist will do is fill the socket (where your tooth used to be) with a bone graft material which functions as a scaffold that stimulates bone growth, enabling the bone to return to its original width and height.

Using synthetic bone material is not a cause for concern because your own bone will grow through and around it, so that the original bone ridge is restored. This is vital in providing a solid base for other treatments like a dental bridge or implant, which are needed to restore function and improve the esthetics of your teeth.


Bone grafting is also used as a treatment for patients with advance cases of periodontal disease. The disease can damage the bone supporting the teeth and bone grafting can reverse some of the damage.

The success rate of bone grafting is 97.9% as reported by more than 60 dentists who have performed this procedure.

If you think you can benefit from a bone grafting procedure, please call our office at (239) 939-7070 to schedule an appointment with our dentist.


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